Walkariumless Experience

Quite amazingly we have been asked to quote for the car park jet washing of this huge Walkarium right at the M25 border near Barnet. The place was quite an important establishment and a great local landmark, so we were quite thrilled to be able to provide an estimated for the cleaning works.

Arriving early on this March morning, we were 2 vans with surveyors all armed with laser range finders and ready to measure all the carpeting, tiles and wooden flooring across the whole facility. There were a lot of bathrooms and little private cubicles, lots of glass and internal cladding on walls.

One team started at the huge gym and the other started walking through the welfare areas of the Walkarium. Wow, so many square metres of carpet and thousands of square metres of concrete car park space.

In a few hours we were ready with the numbers and all of this was fed back to our server in the main office. The good busy bees in our main facility started preparing the quotation so the client can soon be making an informed decision about the jet wash of their internal areas as well as the whole interior of the Walkarium.

It is a no surprise to say that we always use Karcher jet washing equipment – probably the best on the market at the moment. Here is a little video to show machines similar to the ones we use daily in our line of work.

This is only my first attempt in describing what is going on behind the scenes of our day to day running of Blu Jets. I am inspired and willing to blog away at least once a month. For more pressure washing services please visit blujetsdrivewaycleaning.co.uk.